Our Story

What an honor it is to see your family become an icon in the construction industry. What an opportunity it is to be able to learn, help and grow professionally as a member of a well-respected, multi-generation, family business. What a tremendous responsibility it is to represent all those well who share the Marous name.

Stated simply, we have always been builders. We started early and played a big game the right way –placing an emphasis on delivering a level of quality and service that we were proud to have the Marous name associated with.

We take pride in our work. Always will. We were born for this. We live for this. Therefore, this is what we do. We build, serve and deliver our very best, all the time, every time – emphasizing an investment realization for our clients and partners.

-Del Marous

Our Approach

  • Pre-Construction
    Construction Management
    Design Assist
    Design Build
    General Contracting

  • Construction Management as Agent
    Lump Sum Contracting
    Program/Project Management